Once again, “every action has a reaction,” and in this particular instance it cost Indianapolis Colts cornerback Antonio Cromartie his job, for disrespecting our National Anthem.

Moreover Cromartie’s action in taking a knee may not have been the sole reason for getting the booth, no doubt the more egregious act was his raising in defiance the black-power fist while our The Star Spangled Banner” was being played in London and then standing erect for Britain’s “God Save the Queen.”

However his antics before the game proved to be a subterfuge for his apparent diminishing skills, as the Colts lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-27.

Which was perhaps summed up best by ESPN’s Mike Wells: “Cromartie was beaten twice and called for two penalties on a drive where the Jaguars managed to get a field goal as the first half came to an end. Cromartie was benched in favor of Rashaan Melvin in the second half.”

And for those not familiar with this character antics off the field, perhaps a little background info is in order.

Cromartie for lack of a better word is a “dead beat dad” who owes almost $400,000 in child support, and signed with the Colts because he needed money or go to jail, to support over a dozen kids by eight different women…no wonder he’s getting beat on the gridiron…is best work seems to be between the sheets.

Do you think Cromartie disrespect for our National Anthem had anything to do with him getting cut?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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