Racial injustice is real. Whether you want to deny it or not, there are evil people in this world who will hurt and demean someone just because of the color of their skin. That is wrong and sick.

But something equally wrong and equally disgusting is when someone lies about racial injustice.

That was the case, recently, in a national news story in Albany, New York, where three college-age black girls claimed that they were assaulted and attacked by a gang of more than ten white men.

The girls, Ariel Agudio, Asha Burwell, and Alexis Briggs, claimed that they were riding a city bus at 1 a.m. when a group of 12-20 white men boarded the bus and began using racial slurs and attacking them.

The girls' story hit the national news and #DefendBlackGirlsUAlbany became a trending hashtag. Hillary Clinton even stepped in on Twitter and tweeted a consolation message.

But police have reviewed bus footage and interviewed eyewitnesses who admit that the entire story these three girls have spun is a lie.

In fact, instead of being the victims, it appears that these girls were the aggressors, against a 19-year-old white woman who was also riding the bus.

Camera footage caught the three University of Albany students harassing and attacking the girl and they are now facing charges of assault, attempted assault, and false reporting.

Two of the girls have been expelled from the university as well, and the third has been put on a 2-year suspension.

What's worse about the situation is the fact that the victims of these girls bullying and attacks stayed quiet because they feared for their safety in the midst of the huge social media event that surrounded the false story.

It's a perfect case of someone in a position of privilege and power taking advantage and hurting others. Except it doesn't fit into the Black Lives Matter narrative or any other narrative. Too bad it's true.

h/t: PJ Media

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