It would appear that the “cupcake generation” those young adults currently attending America’s universities need to once again be insulated from the cold hard realities of life.

Not content with “free speech zones”, and phony race baiting demonstrations, these young adults need to once again insulate themselves in protective “bubble-wrap” and simply ignore history because it may be offensive to Muslims.

And of course the history they would like to ignore is the event that actually changed forever America’s belief in its invincibility of protecting the homeland from foreign invasion.

Perhaps not since the assassination of JFK, has one single event in modern American history so traumatized a nation, with such profound and long-lasting impact as that one day in September.

And yet this “cupcake generation” would like us to forget the 3,000 plus innocent lives lost that day.

This latest insanity comes to us from yet another bastion of progressive intolerance, this time from the University of Minnesota, in which students struck down a proposed moment of silence for 9/11 victims due to their childish concerns, that Muslim students would be offended, because the 9/11 hijackers were Islamic terrorists.

What seems painfully evident is that college campuses have become breeding-grounds of political correctness that undermines the free flow of ideas and critical thinking, while substituting it for an adolescent and self-absorbed view of reality, where ‘feelings” rather then “historical facts” sets the agenda.

Source: Right Wing News

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