In another epic display of willful stupidity, willful ignorance, or blind following of indoctrination into world-wide revisionist history and social studies, that tends to herald communist, socialist, Marxist, dictatorial, tyrannical, and monarchy based governance (aka, various forms of total cradle-to-grave control) of citizenry, the world’s university educated young people, the future leaders of society, the “brilliant minds”, have yet again put on display their remarkable thinking skills.

Six thousand (give or take) students in 37 countries had the opportunity to participate in a survey whereby they ranked 40 well-known history making individuals as favorable-unfavorable (the former at the top of list), among “Heroes and Villains.”

Our past president, George W. Bush, was in that list of 40 figures. Noticeably absent were Ronald Reagan, and Margaret Sanger. A wager can be placed that even if they were on the list the beloved university youth would have no clue as to who they were.

Regardless, where did “W” rank? Not near the top, that’s for sure. He did not even make it above the much favored Princess Diana. What positive historically significant impact did she have upon the world? Not above Gorbachev, who was encouraged to “tear down this wall” of the iron curtain of communism, by none other than missing from the list former US president Ronald Reagan.

No, he made the list at 37, coming in just above Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Adolf Hitler, and apparently is slightly worse than Josef Stalin.

Here are the rankings in their entirety:


What a travesty. What a waste of young minds. Does it get any scarier? Probably.

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