Burning “Old Glory” on college campuses certainly isn’t a new phenomenon, during the turbulent 60”s and 70’s violent protests and even the tragic death of 4-students at Kent State University, by inexperienced Ohio Nation Guardsmen, (not much older than the protesters themselves), marked perhaps one of the darkest days within America’s history.

And it’s within this context that although our right to protest is “absolute” and “guaranteed” there is that “invisible line” that if crossed can indeed become a tragic event.

No doubt institutions of higher learning should be laboratories of free expression, that encourage critical thinking and a healthy dialog of opposing ideas, that challenge each student to explain their conclusions without the fear of recrimination, and likewise those responsible for teaching these young minds should walk that fine line between being advocate and critic, that all to often no longer exists with our nations colleges.

The presidential election of 2016, should have been a prefect lesson in civics, our Constitution, the election process, the main stream media and how “contemporary America” got it wrong, rather than liberal professors becoming unhinged, and lashing out and acting like spoiled children, by refusing to fly the American flag on college campuses.

At Hampshire College in Massachusetts, the apparent meltdown among the staff that Trump won the election became so acute, that moronic professors began flying the American flag at “half-staff” either not aware or simply not caring of its significance.

Encouraged by the school administration another incident involving Hampshire College, on the night before Veterans Day, the American flag flying on campus was taken down and burned. At Brown University, a group of students decided to “celebrate” Veterans Day by desecrating small American Flags and then tossing them in the garbage, and some students simply stomped on “Old Glory.”

One eyewitness observed the incident saying: “Someone was walking down the path and stomping on them one by one, I went over and nicely asked, ‘Could you not do that? People just put them up” . . . I explained they were for Veterans Day. She said, ‘I don’t care about that right now’ and walked off.”


Obviously when you have adult educators mimicking adolescent mean-spirited students rather than as educators…this is the end result.

Sadly, it’s emblematic of how detached the liberal left has become during this election cycle.

This is not the only instance of disrespect by college snowflakes.

Tucker Carlson interviewed a college student and it's priceless...

Source: WWLP

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