This is what you get when you send your kid off to college. You bankroll his or her future to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in order to prepare them for a career.


Instead, you get your child immersed in the ravages of repressive, enforced guilt. Particularly if you and your child happen to be Caucasian. Lack of pigmentation is the equivalent of evil.

Well, guess what? Among our young people it is starting to look like the equivalent of stupid. College is becoming the re-education camps that conspiracy theorists warned about.

If you are white, you must come to accept your place in the annals of history as a murderous thug race.

At Portland Community College, they celebrate Whiteness History Month. A time of repentance to reflect upon the “construct of whiteness;”

“…a multidisciplinary, district-wide, educational project examining race and racism through an exploration of the construction of whiteness, its origins, and heritage.”

Anybody get that?

Any white folks think about your origins as a pigmentation fail? How about if you are part white, part black, part Native American, such as yours truly?

Being white is by far the worst by the way it makes one walk, talk, and behave. You know…throwing Molotov cocktails during “peaceful” protests, looting, screaming for death of cops, defecating on the flag, threatening voters at the polls. That stuff.

Fortunately, the Cascade Campus Diversity Council has taken up the mantle of white reform. Your student will,

“...explore the meaning and history of whiteness…a legacy of imperialism, conquest, colonialism, and the American enterprise,” so as to “dismantle whiteness.”

Let’s not talk about the millennia of violence at the hands of Middle Eastern folks, Japan attacking the US during WWII, Hitler wiping out Jewish people, Native American tribes slaughtering each other, Chinese just making those that disagree with them “go away,” blacks selling blacks into slavery.

By the way, blacks are still selling blacks into slavery. They “sell” them, meaning auction them like cattle, into the stronghold of horror that is the Middle East.

There the men are castrated and the women genitally mutilated and made sexual pleasure-toys at the ripe old age of…8—maybe. Not to mention little boys. They like them young and pre-pubescent, after all.

So, yeah. Let’s just focus on the atrocities of white people, shall we?

Source: Mad World News


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