As part of a "Whiteness History Month", a "Black Love" program was created specifically for African American students. The Black Panthers showed up in berets. Everything seemed to be going well, until a white woman was kicked out.

During the course of a speech, the speaker said that Donald Trump was racist. A white woman in the audience replied that “African Americans have stood up and talked during Trump rallies.”

She was later asked to leave by someone who wasn’t even present in the room at the time of the incident. She went back in after "settling down.”

A receptionist then called the cops on the white woman for "creating a disruption" before she ever entered the room.

They also did not like the fact a cameraman was in the building as well. Since the event was about "Black Love", the leaders of the program told the cops who responded that they “should be able to kick out whoever they want” regardless of whether or not it is in public or a public event.

Supposedly, the presence of a white camera man, caused them harm to the people who were present even though he did not splice any part of the video. The cameraman was repeatedly told that he was hurting people for just being present in the room. Supposedly revealing the truth "hurts people".

Do you think this would have been a problem if the races/roles were reversed?

h/t: 100% Fed Up



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