“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Mark Twain

And perhaps that the lesson learned in a nutshell for a smug Muslim on trial, refusing to rise as the judge entered his courtroom. Richard McFarlane a Muslim convert informed the court that he would not stand for “any man” because Islam is superior to any manmade law.

However United Kingdom Judge Martin Beddoe is of a different opinion and with just 4-words changed the mindset of the Islamic thug.

The words uttered by the honorable magistrate was direct and to the point if McFarlane didn’t show proper respect for the court and rise he would “deal with him differently,” in short forget the trial and simply sentence him to jail.

This immediately got the attention of McFarlane’s attorney who pleaded with the judge to allow his client to remain seated stating in deference of his actions claiming: “Because of his religious belief, he believes there is only one person who he should bow to.”

The dust-up accord when the bearded defendant entered the courtroom dressed in a green and gold robe and announced his intention to the court attendant that he would not stand during his court appearance.

When Judge Martin Beddoe entered his court he noticed immediately that McFarlane, who is on conditional bail, did not stand up when he entered the courtroom.

"If Mr. McFarlane isn’t going to treat this court with respect then I might have to deal with him differently than to release him on bail," the judge announced before a break in proceedings.

Judge Beddoe also reminded McFarlane’s attorney this is a court of law, and that the court doesn’t follow Islamic law in his courtroom.

In March of 2016, McFarlane was charged with breaching a court order that forbade him from promoting illegal Sharia Law in the UK, which he had been doing for years.

The 30-year old convert and a group of up to 20 other men are also accused of having set up a stall outside Oxford Street in central London, calling for strict Islamic laws to be imposed all across the UK.

Do you think the UK and other European countries are too lenient regarding the insurgence of Sharia Law within their society?

Source: Sun

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