Would've, could've, should've-- in the world of political commentary, everything is fair game, as long as you play fair and by the rules, even when your information is in doubt.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota thinks she knows the mind of President Donald Trump, claiming that if he had been in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's tight shoes, he would have approved the Uranium One sale to the Russian government. The infamous deal coincided with millions of dollars flowing into the Clinton Foundation -- real Russian collusion, IOHO.
Camerota made her questionable claim in a recent exchange with ex-Trump campaign communications director Jason Miller.

“What we did know at the time is that Secretary Clinton had been very much involved with the Russians, as we talk about the Uranium One deal, which was very scandalous and maybe there was,“ Miller said.

“We keep hearing that talking point. We understand that you guys keep bringing that up,” Camerota responded.

She then added, “and you don’t think President Trump would have approved the Uranium One deal, the person who doesn’t want— we hear his administration doesn’t want Congress to keep sanctions on Russia?”

If Uranium One had been a good deal for America, then yes, President Trump "probably" would have approved it. And if it weren't for the constant pressure on Trump to demonize and punish Russia because of its economic and political independence from Washington, its moral traditionalism and its resurgent Christian values -- things that many in our government hate with a passion -- Trump would have lifted those sanctions in the first 100 days of his presidency. Free of any real anti-Trump meddling and media propaganda to throw the president off balance with his MAGA mandate, we would have normalized relations with Russia by now -- in our humble opinon.

Is our opinion fake news? Take it for what it's worth. But as Tucker Carslon said on Fox News as he dismantled neocon Russia-hater Max Boot, our words are "heartfelt."

Camerota can speculate about Trump until she starts choking up yellow cake uranium -- only the president's actions are what matter. And it's pretty much in the bag who benefitted from the Uranium One deal.

Do you think Alisyn Camerota knew what she was talking about when she tried to read the mind of President Trump? Does "fake news" require intent, and where does one draw the line between false news and opinion? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Source: Conserative Fighters

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