Trump's tax returns have been a huge focus of Hillary Clinton and the rest of her liberal media lemmings. However, it would seem that while everyone has been focussed on Trump's tax returns they've all turned a blind eye to Clinton's tax return. Reports are surfacing now that show that people should really be looking at one very disturbing thing on Hillary's own taxes that may indicate some very bad criminal behavior.

The Daily Caller reports that a perusal of Hillary Clinton's own tax returns has revealed some very troubling information. Clinton has made some very suspicious tax deductions for "computer maintenance" that bear a striking resemblance to the amount paid to Bryan Pagliano, the IT tech responsible for setting up and maintaining Clinton's private email server.

The FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server revealed that Pagliano received a payment of $5,000 for first setting up the server and then another $8,350.83 to upgrade the system in 2011.

The Clintons had tax deductions for almost identical amounts during both of those years. This doesn't quite prove that Clinton wrote off those expenses for probable illegal behavior on her private server, it does raise some serious concerns.

Personal expenses are not eligible for tax deductions, only business expenses, which only confuses the situation of what Hillary was actually using her private server for.

Both the Clinton's and Pagliano refused to comment when questioned about the deductions and payments.

The president of a government watchdog said that this wasn't the first time the Clintons have made some very questionable tax deductions.

"The Clintons are no strangers to questionable tax deductions, going back to their Arkansas days," explained Ken Boehm, president of the National Legal and Policy Center.

"It goes without saying that it is improper to take a tax deduction for a server or anything else which was used or maintained by the government," he continued. "The Clintons and their hired help have tied themselves in knots refusing to answer questions about the notorious server. That is not the conduct of anyone with nothing to hide."

The mainstream media will never say anything about this. They're too busy trying make Trump look like crook from his legitimate tax returns. This is just another example of Hillary demonstrating how corrupt she really is and then being the world's biggest hypocrite by attacking Trump for the same thing.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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