Looks like Democrat Party presidential candidate is hip-deep in yet another scandal involving none other than herself. You know, what nefarious corruptible scandal isn’t she involved in?

Yet, her lemming drone Pavalov’s dog salivating masses continue to lay at her feet like the good four-legged furry friends that they are. The latest and greatest Hillary fiasco involves the water nightmare that the community of Flint, Michigan is dealing with.

It turns out that for all of hollering and screeching like a banshee that Republican Governor, Rick Snyder, step-down, she is the person that ought to back-off. Truthfully, she needs to just go away permanently, but while we can wish and hope, Hillary is like herpes, the gift that keeps on giving, and we won’t be getting rid of her any time soon.

The Hillary’s Global Initiative, a branch of the Clinton Foundation, whose efforts have included safe drinking water, has the PR form APCO Worldwide speaking for them.

The same firm, headed up by Pete Wentz (not the rocker), is also the spokeshole for the PR firm that is representing the engineering firm, Lockwood, Andres & Newman, Inc. allegedly responsible for the un-safe drinking water in Flint.  

Aaaah, the bitter irony of the Clinton regime—yet again. Out of one side of his mouth, Wentz is effectively preaching safe water for people elsewhere, and out of the other he is supporting a firm that very well caused the lead poisoning that, at minimum, 50 children are trying to recover from.

What special kind of corruptible, in your soul, do you have to be to have somebody like Wentz representing you? What special kind of hatefulness does Hillary carry around in her soul that she would allow her foundation to take money, to the tune of between $25-50,000, from the APCO firm?

The kind of woman who will have this level of care and commitment to the people of the United States—none. We saw her do it in Benghazi, and there she was first-person. Her other dalliances in scandalous goings on over the decades make her unfit for the highest office in the land. Guilt by association, if nothing less.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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