Hillary and Bill Clinton have had a sort of "fixer" for the Clinton's that paid to make problematic issues disappear for the Clintons. He has finally decided to come forward and break silence on his experience, but for the some reason the Clinton's have refused to deny a thing that he says. Even more shocking is when you take a closer look at Hillary's ex-lover, it appears that he was shot in the head and Hillary's odd behavior is having many claim murder.

Many of those paying close attention to the Clintons' suspicious dealings and sketchy behavior over the years have long since thought that longtime ally and lawyer Vince Foster was indeed having an affair with the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Well, Clinton's fixer, Jeff Rovin, just confirmed these suspicions.

Rovin admitted to Sean Hannity, on the record, that Hillary Clinton and Foster had indeed been having an affair for many years.

This is especially interesting when we analyze the questionable circumstances of Foster's death that was ruled as a suicide. Foster died of a gunshot wound to the head and a great deal of people who have analyzed the facts strongly believe that it was not a suicide at all, but rather murder.

Rovin proceeded to run down this road without intending to when he described Hillary's reaction to Foster's death:

He [Rovin] claimed to have helped scrub the office of Vince Foster to snatch documents related to the Whitewater scandal and covered up an alleged affair between Hillary and Foster. But Rovin told Hannity he was tasked with distracting the media while Hillary’s crew rummaged through Foster’s office. He also called the Hillary-Foster affair “pretty much an open secret.”

It just seems too close to be coincidence. Miguel Rodriguez, the lead prosecutor in the case submitted a 2-page resignation letter and a 31-page memo about the injuries Foster had received. In the memo Rodriguez stated that Foster had received 2 bullet wounds, with one of those wounds being a much smaller caliber bullet hole near the base of the skull, but this claim was dismissed.

Many know that Foster's death was far from ordinary but most don't know that Foster actually hired a spy to watch Bill as per Hillary's request. Hillary was upset that Bill was running around with too many "sluts" and that their political career may be in jeopardy.

Foster enlisted the help of Jerry Parks, an Arkansas investigator who ended up going on to be the head of security for the Clinton/Gore campaign. Parks' widow stated that: "Jerry asked Vince why he needed this stuff on Clinton. He said he needed it for Hillary."

In the summer of 1993 Vince Foster was discovered dead in a public park in the Washington-area. Naturally Parks feared for his life, but his fear wouldn't be able to protect him. Only two months later Parks was gunned down at close range in his own SUV in Little Rock. Parks was shot 9 times.

Parks' residence was then raided by 8 federal agents from agencies including the FBI, IRS, CIA, and Secret Service, which is very unusual for a domestic case.

Parks knew absolutely everything. He was hired to spy on Bill and then brought on as head of security in order to keep him close. When Bill won, they had no more need for Parks and instead he posed a threat as another loose end. Then he ended up dead, shot 9 times. It looks like there's another loose end tied up.

Rovin explained to Hannity that his decision to go public was "because of the endless attention the alleged indiscretions of Donald Trump have received."

"Nothing I have heard comes close to the sexual and moral corruption of the Clintons – many of which have yet to be revealed," he told Hannity. Rovin explained that the Clintons kept their hands clean by paying through a third-party.

"I was told to keep these stories hush-hush in one of two ways: by trading access to the Clintons for ‘positive’ interviews, or by paying the reporters," Rovin continued.

Listen to the rest of Rovin's interview and see the rest of the dirt that Rovin just couldn't hold in any longer.

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Source: Mad World News




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