A Republican operative who was mounting an independent investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal was found dead in May with a suicide note just days after talking to the Wall Street Journal about his work.

Peter W. Smith, 81, said in the suicide note that his death was not foul play, and police are not investigating further. However, the police chief said the method of Smith's death is "unusual."

"NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER” was involved in his death, the Chicago Tribune reports. "He wrote that he was taking his own life because of a 'RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017' and timing related TO LIFE INSURANCE OF $5 MILLION EXPIRING.' ”

Police found Smith in a Minnesota motel room on May 14 with a bag over his head along with a "source of helium" and a "carefully prepared file of documents and a health insurance policy that was expiring," the Tribune adds.

Smith's death comes just 10 days after he admitted to the Wall Street Journal that he was trying to get Hillary Clinton's emails from alleged Russian hackers. Some 30,000 emails were deleted from former Secretary of State Clinton' private server that allegedly contained sensitive information.

Smith, a longtime Republican donor and operative, had also been heavily focused on exposing former President Bill Clinton amid swirling allegations about the president's sex life.

While Smith's motive for suicide looks reasonable, his sickness remains a mystery. His body was found a short distance from the Mayo Clinic, lending credence to an alleged illness leading to suicide.

Also unknown is who would directly benefit from Smith's insurance policy before it expired.

Which leads to the obvious question: Was Smith "suicided"?

It wouldn't be a huge stretch considering other recent suspicious deaths including that of "murder" victim Seth Rich, the former DNC worker who was was found dead following a botched "robbery."

Strange that the bodies keep piling up whenever in connection with the name Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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Source: Young Cons

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