After Hillary Clinton's startling medical emergency during the 9/11 commemoration ceremony this past Sunday many Americans began (or more likely continued) to seriously consider whether or not Clinton is fit to even run for president anymore. What's truly interesting is the people that are considering forcing Clinton to step down the most are her number one fans, the DNC.

Anonymous has just reported that the the left's very own DNC has just held an emergency meeting in order to find out the replacement candidate if Clinton's health continues to plummet as it has been.

For the longest time the DNC tried to expel the accusations by Trump and the rest of the Republicans that Clinton's health was failing her and in addition to her many other shortcomings she is now not even healthy enough to be a lousy candidate.

There have been multiple reports from eyewitnesses saying that she has been having subtle seizures. Many have speculated that the mystery medical man never too far from Clinton is there just for that reason, to help during a seizure.

She has also been having multiple coughing fits recently on the campaign trail inhibiting her ability to even get through a speech.

Then word recently spread about how the Clinton campaign tried to cover up Clinton's pneumonia diagnosis this past Friday.

All these together have contributed to the DNC calling an emergence meeting to find who would be Clinton's replacement. As of now their best guess is that it would be the man who Clinton and the rest of the DNC backstabbed and stepped on to ensure that Clinton would take to democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders.

This will likely cause another major rift between the already split democrat party seeing as the wound created by Clinton's corruption in the DNC.

Only time will tell what the outcome of this meeting and Clinton's failing health will be. One thing's for sure though, it's not looking good for Clinton.

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