“I had illegal wiretaps of me played at the top of the news on the ‘CBS Evening News.'”

That coming from Floyd Brown*, a former Clinton investigator, as told to USA Radio host Rusty Humphries.

Wow. Who would have thought that a Clinton would harass someone trying to do their job? We all thought it, so none of us are surprised by this revelation.

Mr. Brown was investigating Bill Clinton for alleged sexual abuse. He went on to say that the wiretaps and conversations, “were given to CBS by a private investigator by the name of Jack Palladino, who had been hired by a woman named Betsy Wright—who was working directly below Hillary Clinton and fighting what they called ‘Bimbo Eruptions.’”

Oh what a tangled web Hillary weaves. Particularly when it comes to Brown's investigation into the death of Suzanne Coleman. She committed suicide by capping herself…in the back of the head.  

Brown said that more than 15 different women “have accused Bill Clinton not of just unwanted advance, but literally groping them, touching them and some even accused him of rape.”

Those are serious allegations, and yes Bill Clinton had/has a right to defend himself. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. So, why the alleged harassment?

Why wouldn’t you want to know if your husband leads a sick, twisted, sexually depraved double life?

Brown, a Trump supporter, says that the Clintons are running a “criminal enterprise” and Trump is the “first one who’s had the guts and willingness to go out and talk about them.”

It is said that Trump knows them pretty well, so who better than a former friend to spill the beans?



*disclosure—Brown is Chairman of Conservative Tribune’s parent company Liftable Media.



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