It’s possible that every family has one – the troublesome ne’er-do-well who can never quite seem to get it together and is always in need of a place to stay, a loan or… bail?

One can almost feel sympathy for Hillary Clinton on the eve of making history as the first woman to receive the nomination of a major party for the presidency, as her brother-in-law made news with his arrest for another DUI.

The latest mug shot of Roger Clinton, the 60-year-old half-brother of Bill Clinton, was splashed across the news this morning, bumping his famous sister-in-law to second billing, after his arrest for driving under the influence.

Worse news still for Hillary, the arrest occurred in California where she faces an unexpectedly strong showing from challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders in the state’s primary on Tuesday.

In fact, if the family fails to post the $15,000 bail for Roger, he will be unable to vote in the primary – although it is unknown whether he supports his sister-in-law’s candidacy.

Although the Associated Press has announced that Clinton has the number of delegates needed for the nomination, a loss or even a near-loss to the self-avowed socialist Sanders at this point in the campaign would weaken Hillary just weeks away from the Democrat convention in Philadelphia.

Roger Clinton, a sometime-musician and bit-part actor who has long been a thorn in the side of his famous brother, was known by the code name “Headache” by the Secret Service during the Clinton presidency from 1992 to 2000.

Roger served a year in prison after he was convicted of cocaine possession in Arkansas while his big brother was governor, and although Bill did not intervene in the case, he did pardon Roger as one of his final acts as president in 2001, which removed the conviction from the younger Clinton’s record.

The former president has assisted his younger half-brother by purchasing a home for him in California, but apparently has not helped him pay child support for Roger’s children from relationships.

Neither the Clinton family nor its foundation has commented as to whether it will post bail for Roger, who remains in custody.

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