Hillary Clinton just can't seem to keep her name out of the press when it comes to high-profile corruption cases. It's a well-known fact now that sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is a longtime Democrat donor with close ties to both the Clintons and Obamas.

It's also a well-established fact that Weinstein donated a generous sum - somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000 - to the Clinton Global Initiative.

Granted, the donation isn't exactly blood money. Nevertheless, it came from a man who built his successful career by taking advantage of many actresses that he sexually exploited for his own sadistic pleasures.

The natural thing to do then is to re-donate the money to charity. Unfortunately, it looks like that is not going to happen. A rep for the Clinton Foundation says that the money has already been spent and that much of it went to charity organizations.

It's true that the Clinton Foundation does routinely donate to charities. However, the group also has a spotty history. It has been known to donate to organizations with a history of managing funds poorly, not to mention the group has also been used as a cash clearinghouse. More recently, it was revealed that a portion of the money was even used to fund Chelsea Clinton's lavish wedding.

Also, the Clinton Foundation, as well as the Clinton's themselves, have deep pockets. Surely, $250,000 is chump change. Why can't they set aside that amount out of their own pockets? The money can be given to a women's shelter, maybe to one in a less developed country where violence against women is far more prevalent and often goes unreported.

Of course, this is just another instance of the Clintons doing what the Clintons do best: hoarding money and using it as a source of political influence.

Should Clinton do the right thing for a change and actually set aside her own money to give to charity?

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