It is already known that long-time Clinton insider, Huma Abedin, is a Muslim with deep ties to radical Islam, serving as an assistant editor on the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 1996 to 2008, a Saudi-supported magazine.

Now, it has been learned that another radical Muslim was employed by the Clinton Foundation at the same time he was an advisor to Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Gehad El-Haddad was Morsi’s special advisor for foreign policy, supporting the revival of the caliphate and the reinstitution of Islamic law – all while serving as the director of the Clinton Foundation.

El-Haddad backed torture, propaganda and the incitement of riots while the communications director of the radical Muslim Brotherhood while drawing a paycheck from the William J. Clinton Foundation from 2007 through August 2012.

Although El-Haddad was officially in charge of developing an economic recovery program for Egypt, the media was able to report that the goal was to introduce radical Muslim Brotherhood faith.

The UK newspaper, The Independent reported Haddad bragged that he had applied the skills he learned at the Clinton Foundation to the work for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The El-Haddad family has strong ties to radical Muslim organizations, such as the International Islamic Relief Organizations (IIRO),” which was designated a terrorist entity by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, “for facilitating fundraising for al-Qaida and affiliated terrorist groups.”

 El-Haddad was swept up in the anti-Morsi backlash and arrested in September 2013 and sentenced to life in prison for espionage against the state.

Apparently, that is a good resume entry for earning a position in the Clinton Foundation.

Source: PJMedia

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