The truth about Benghazi is trickling out, ever so slowly. However, Washington is very adept at the smoke-and-mirrors game and the whole truth, nothing but the truth, will never come out. We know it was a terrorist attack and our people were abandoned.

Why the cover-up? Why blame a make believe mob-protest on a video that had already been circulating for months? In less than 24-hours after the attack, Clinton told the Egyptian Prime Minister,

“We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack, not a not a protest.”

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), in questioning Clinton during the House Benghazi Committee hearing said, so pointedly;

“…nowhere in there [testimony to Sanchez] did you mention a video. You didn’t mention a video, because there was never a video inspired protest in Benghazi. There was in Cairo [Egypt], but not in Benghazi. Victoria Nuland, your spokesperson at the State Department, hours after the attack said this, ‘Benghazi has been attacked by militants, in Cairo police have removed demonstrators.’ Benghazi you got weapons and explosions, Cairo you got spray paint and rocks.”

“One hour before the attack in Benghazi, Chris Stevens, walks a diplomat to the front gate. The Ambassador didn’t report a demonstration. He didn’t report it because it never happened. An eyewitness, in the Command Center that night, on the ground, said ‘no protest, no demonstration.’ Two intelligence reports that day-‘no protest, no demonstration.’”

If there had been, according to the #2 guy in Libya, Greg Hicks, Ambassador Stevens would have reported a protest, and evacuated out the back gate.

When confronted with her own words and that of Susan Rice, regarding the video, Clinton played her husband’s game of semantics, and said there was concern about a “broader reach” of the video inspired protest in Egypt. (By the way, what did she do for our people during the Cairo attack?)

The year, 2012, was an election year. It was politics as usual, hence the tales about the video. The Democrats had a campaign to win.

What’s an embassy in Libya, an Ambassador, and all the other Americans to the Dems? Nothing. They don’t, and didn’t, even rate as a pawn to be minimally protected—just sacrificed.

It so unbelievably disgusting to know that our government cares so little about diplomats, staff, and soldiers, because it means they care even less about us.

Source: CNS News

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