The US Herald ran a story last week about Michael Moore and his senseless, hateful tweets about the film American Sniper, and its subject matter Chris Kyle. Since Chris Kyle is not around to defend himself, two military snipers stepped up to respond to the anti-capitalist, hypocritical wind bag's comments.

Both of them blasted his comments as “abundant lack of intellectual capability that harnesses any value“, and naturally they pointed out Moore's lack of credentials on the subject. Rob Lowe even spoke out against Moore's comments.

Now, another person has thrown his comments into the ring.

According to Yahoo News, Clint Eastwood has finally made his thoughts known to the public. Eastwood, who directed the box office hit American Sniper, gave the haters a few choice words that were surprisingly tasteful.

"The biggest antiwar statement any film can make is to show the fact of what [war] does to the family and the people who have to go back into civilian life like Chris Kyle did."

Eastwood made these remarks at a Producers Guild Award Nominees Breakfast. He carried on his thoughtful reflection of what American Sniper, and one of his favorite war films Letters to Iwo Jima, meant to him and why they are the opposite of a positive, pro-lets-go-to-war films.

"One of my favorite war movies that I’ve been involved with is Letters from Iwo Jima, and that was are about family, about being taken away from life, being sent someplace. In World War II, everybody just sort of went home and got over it. Now there is some effort to help people through it. In Chris Kyle’s case no good deed went unpunished."

Chris Kyle, as he rightfully states, was in fact helping people when he came home from the Iraq War. He dedicated his time to working with veterans with PTSD. In fact, he was working with a veteran who was said to have PTSD, the day he was killed by that same person.

To further dispel “war propaganda” claims, he explained how he and Bradley Cooper visited Kyle's family as a way to better understand the focal point of American Sniper.

“I thought I’d better meet the rest of the family and see what they looked like and that would probably dictate the casting and to see what Mrs. Kyle was like. I went down there and met the mother and father and their grand-kids. It was of great value to [Bradley] because he could get into the history of the family and their feelings about the whole situation. It was a very pleasant experience from beginning to end.”

The left would have preferred an anti-war, we-should-not-have-gone-to-war statement. So, instead of the claim that it is right-wing, pro-war propaganda, the left would prefer their own brand of politicization. Some reports indicate, that the film is apolitical.

Whether we should have went to war with Iraq, pro or anti-war, American Sniper's director put it all to rest with his intentions when making the film. That is not to say that the left will now suddenly silence their squawking, but at least film's creator and producer set the record straight either way.

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