Clint Eastwood speaking at the Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice 2015 Awards

The one sure thing you can always count on with progressives is in their ability to be easily offended, and so when conservative icon and legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood pokes a little fun at  a Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice 2015 Awards show, about  Caitlyn Jenner, you now that the politically correct crowd is about to go into hyperventilation.

And as predicated they did!

Eastwood was participating in a pre-taping of the show and was scripted to introduce Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and during the introduction Eastwood referenced Johnson’s “transformation” from professional wrestler to a world-class actor and likening it to other world-renowned athlete, such as former Olympic Gold Medal winner Bruce Jenner, saying “Jim Brown and Caitlyn Somebody…”

Apparently the joke didn’t sit to well with Spike TV and they are cutting that part out. The irony of course is that this is Spike TV, not the Hallmark Channel, and quite frankly it wasn’t all that long ago when conservatives like former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, were viciously attacked almost daily by the national media, and even her teenage daughter Bristol wasn’t spared, perhaps even by the same progressive elites that are now so easily offended

Caitlyn Jenner

And as for Eastwood, unlike Obama he has supported gay rights for many decades…and like it or not Bruce will always be a part of Caitlyn Jenner’s life…that’s just the way it is.

Sources: American News



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