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While the ability to order pizza over the telephone, online, and on our smartphones has often been called a miracle, a Florida woman truly used her pizza order in a miraculous way to send a 911 call.

The woman is from Highlands County, Florida. The pizza chain was Pizza Hut.


According to a local news article, the woman submitted an order for pizza online, which wasn't odd because she was a recurring customer at the store. However, it appears that Pizza Hut online orders give a place where customers can leave comments. It was in this comment section that the woman left the words "Please help. Get 911 to me."

Astute employees at the Pizza Hut noticed the comments and remarked that they'd never seen anything like that on previous orders from the woman. After a call was made to the County Sheriff's office, deputies were on their way to investigate the address listed for the pizza delivery.

When the deputies arrived, the woman exited the house carrying one child. She told the officials that her boyfriend, who was armed with a knife, was still in the house as well as two of her other children.

Deputies eventually convinced the knife-wielding boyfriend to exit the house and he was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and intent to kill, among other charges.

The woman later told authorities that her boyfriend had held her captive after forcing her to pick up her children from school. Police suspected that the boyfriend had been high on meth and that there was a previous history of violence in the relationship.

For any Luddites who had previously questioned the need for people to be able to order pizza online, this story stands as an interesting and striking example of the power of technology. Thank you Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut employees for a job well done.

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