Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Steve Loomis, far right, with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, his running mate Gov. Mike Pence

President Obama may be afraid to say it, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton may be afraid of incurring the wrath of the black activists and second-string quarterback Colin Kaepernick may disagree, but the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association (CPPA), which represents 1,450 officers and staff, isn’t intimidated, as it proved with its endorsement of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The announcement drove Black Lives Matter into a frenzy, claiming the move is an insult to those who have lost their lives or the lives of a loved one to what they see as “police brutality.”

In what was reported to be the CPPA’s first presidential endorsement ever, the union voted 216 to 68 in favor of Trump versus Clinton.

Members of the BLM group protested as former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared at the CPPA’s union hall to accept the endorsement on behalf of Trump.

One group of BLM, the “SURJ – Showing Up for Racial Justice,” stood outside changing slogans, such as, “Build bridges, not walls,” and the very politically correct and gender-neutral, “I am my sibling’s keeper.”

One protester, Nina McLellan told local reporters that, “Good people come in all ages and all colors,” before blaming Trump for allowing “latent racism in this country to emerge in many virulent forms.”

The official announcement included a statement that while the CPPA respects the right to protest, the officers also ask for BLM to show equal respect, and “be mindful that the men and women of the CPPA consider all lives sacred and that a police officer loses his/her life every 48 hours in this country.”

Cleveland Police came under heavy criticism in 2014 for the shooting of a 12-year-old black who drew a fake, yet unmarked, gun on officers responding to reports of a black male brandishing a gun and threatening people in a public park.

The family reached a settlement in a wrongful death suit, but the officers were not indicted by a grand jury after an investigation.

Now, in their endorsement of the self-proclaimed “law and order” candidate Trump, police union showed no fear in closing the announcement in no uncertain terms, ending with the message in all bold print: “ALL LIVES MATTER.”

Do you think more police unions across America should take a stand against BLM and support Donald Trump as President?

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Source: Telesur

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