Perhaps the worst thing one can do is to force Donald Trump to doing anything, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone when the city of Palm Beach, Florida “ordered” Trump to remove the American flag flying at one of his luxurious properties.

The dispute appears to be the height of the flag pole at Mar-a-Lago, which apparently violates city ordinances in that flag poles must be under 30-feet, and “the Donald”, being “the Donald” was 50-feet.

And of course the local city hacks may fine Trump an astounding $120,000, for the infraction.

However Trump is determined not to remove “Ole Glory”, so he simply lowered the flag to 30-feet, and asked that whatever fine may be imposed, should be donated to a veteran's organization.

Trump commented about the incident, saying; “I’m a very patriotic guy,” Trump said in a statement. “I’m very proud of the country, and I don’t want to take down the American flag. And I don’t believe you need permits to put up the American flag.”

Moreover, it should come as no surprise that average American’s have been experiencing this type of politically correct harassment for decades, where local city councils create ridicules zoning and permit laws, while homeowners associations in many communities harass homeowners for simply displaying the American flag, on their “property”.

Trump is a patriot, and this incident simply reaffirms his commitment “to make America great”…again!

Source: American News


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