As the once-great cities of Europe erupt into violence – rioting, arson, sexual assault and murder, losing centuries of culture, language and identity, a coordinated effort to bring the same chaos to the United States is already in place across the country dooming American cities to become third-world cauldrons of poverty, crime and fear.

The plan is a multifaceted attack on American history, culture and values, bankrolled, in part, by billionaire George Soros and Peter Sutherland, in addition to corporate executives who all stand to gain from establishing a multicultural society in the United States – and beyond.

Disney head Bob Iger, media mogul Rupert Murdock, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, social media visionary Mark Zuckerberg, and hotel heir Bill Marriott are only a few corporate titans who see the future in terms of mass immigration providing cheap labor in sanctuary cities to fuel their empires.

Sutherland, an Irish banker and investor who believes in open borders, was a former chairman of British Petroleum and an executive with Goldman Sachs.

The plan, “2030 Agenda” is the United Nations action plan to impose a worldwide set of goals and standards for economics, health care, energy production and use, agriculture, education, gender equality and migration.

Opponents see it as a danger to the sovereignty of the United States, and the Republican National Committee has adopted a resolution rejecting its implementation, but in fact, it is already being implemented through education and local governments.

The executives joined mayors from around the country to form The Partnership for a New American Economy (PANE) and awarded grants to “gateway” cities promoting a “welcoming attitude toward so-called New Americans,” in other words – creating more sanctuary cities.

The grants are to be used specifically to “educate the public” on the many benefits of accepting significant numbers of immigrants to 20 communities;
- Akron & Summit County, Ohio
- Anchorage, Alaska
- Birmingham, Alabama
- Brownsville, Texas
- Columbus, Ohio
- Detroit
- Fargo, North Dakota
- Houston
- Indianapolis
- Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri
- Lancaster, Pennsylvania
- Los Angeles
- Macomb County, Michigan
- Nashville, Tennessee
- New Orleans
- Phoenix, Arizona
- Pittsburgh
- San Jose, California
- Salt Lake County, Utah
- Syracuse & Buffalo, New York

The proponents claim accepting high numbers of immigrants will create economic growth, vitality, and prosperity in the cities, but America can only hope that model will not mirror the “success” of Europe’s experiment with multiculturalism.

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