Perhaps no presidential candidate before Donald Trump has stirred up so much hatred and vitriol through his comments and actions. People on the left seem determined to attack his credibility at every step, and the GOP establishment is trying everything they can think of to stop his progress forward in the polls.

But a recent move by St. Petersburg, Florida mayor Rick Kriseman is giving other liberal cities a new angle to use to confront the billionaire businessman who wants to hang his hat in the White House.

In a tweet from his personal account that has been favorited and retweeted thousands of times, Kriseman said the following, "I am hereby barring Donald Trump from entering St. Petersburg until we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps."

The move is clearly a publicity statement that Kriseman is using to gather liberal appeal for his mayoral status and the liberal nature of St. Petersburg. But it is interesting to think about the one-sidedness of his argument that Trump poses a "dangerous threat."

If a conservative mayor had voiced his disapproval of President Obama while Barack was seeking the White House in 2008, they would immediately have been labeled racist and bigoted. While Trump has, perhaps, offended more people and relied more on bombastic comments than Obama, there is nothing to point to Trump's physical presence in a city as being a "dangerous threat."

Trump, if anything, belongs in Florida--at least based on his polling numbers. The tycoon has seen a steady increase in support in Florida and his popularity doesn't appear to be waning.

It's also possible that Kriseman is trying some sort of exaggerated political stunt and that the tweet was meant as a joke. His comment at the end of his message is especially confusing as he refers to "the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps." Trumps. Plural.

Is Melania Trump really that much of a threat that St. Petersburg needs to be worried about her too? Come on. This is ridiculous.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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