It's not surprising that the recent rise in terrorist attacks corresponds with a lowered belief that the right to bear arms is vital for America. However, one fairly liberal city official has come out with a unique position in the debate.

Detroit is known for being a blue center in a state that has a fairly large republican base. So it comes as quite the surprise that the Detroit Police Chief, James Craig, has come out and directly stated that terrorists and those who oppose freedom want citizens to remain unarmed.

"If you're a terrorist, or a carjacker, you want unarmed citizens," he stated.

Chief Craig is encouraged by a rise in the number of Michiganders who have applied for and qualify for concealed weapons permits. That is in response to a new Michigan law which makes it easier for everyday citizens to obtain the permit.

Craig was hesitant to label concealed weapons permits as the cure-all for all of America's terrorist and lone wolf problems, but he pointed to the Paris terrorist attacks as an example of something that could have been assisted if regular citizens carried guns.

"I'm not saying if more citizens had had guns it would have stopped the terrorists, but it sure might have helped," he said.

It would be quite a reassuring thing to see more of America's police chiefs and sheriffs adopting a similar attitude to that of Chief Craig. Unfortunately, in the wake of shootings and terrorist attacks, all that liberals seem able to do is complain about the lack of gun control rather than work to prevent further attacks by blocking the radical idealism that prompts so many of the attacks.

Thank you, Chief Craig, for standing up for American values and showing how those values can change the state of our country for the better.

h/t: Eagle Rising

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