A strange bit of information was given at the end of a newscast concerning a rally against an Islamic related land deal in Farmersville, Texas. The story started out about a proposal by the Islamic Association of Collin County for a parcel of property off nearby Highway 380 to be used as a cemetery. Once word got out, the small town of 3000 saw its city council meeting room packed with concerned locals, with issues ranging from environmental to fiscal. But it was a man who spoke at the end of the live interview segment who's got people thinking of another way to fight the deal. "Take and dump pig's blood and pig heads on a post, they won't by the land" suggested the anonymous citizen. Of course the local Muslim group was outraged and offended, but what else is new. People in Texas know what happens when you deal with some of these Muslim groups, you get statements like this.

No one from the Islamic Association of Collin County spoke at the rally and they have yet to have their proposal approved by the city prior to any council vote. Despite that, the citizens of Farmersville are speaking out and trying to put a stop to it, before it even gets that far.


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