What happens when a letter from a government agency arrives at a veteran's home in Idaho telling him that he is no longer able to possess, buy, or sell firearms? Well, in Priest River, Idaho, the whole community shows up to offer support and to block the arrival of the federal agent coming to collect the guns.

John Arnold is a 70-year-old veteran who suffered a stroke and underwent therapy through the Veterans Administration. However, due to a checked box on a piece of paperwork that Arnold filed with the VA he was deemed unable to support and take care of himself financially.

Because of that designation, the VA also determined that Arnold would not be allowed to possess, buy, or sell firearms. They further warned Arnold that an inspector from the VA would be coming to his house the first week of August to collect his guns.

Arnold claims that the box was checked by mistake and that he's always been able to take care of himself. Furthermore, he said that the VA should be the ones trying to solve the problem they created with their error instead of punishing him by mistake.

But with the news that a federal inspector was coming to his house to collect his guns, Arnold turned to his friends.

In a show of support over 2 dozen veterans showed up at Arnold's home to stand with him and oppose the federal inspector. When word came later that day that the federal inspector wouldn't be coming to collect the guns and that Arnold would be allowed to appeal the VA's decision to take away his guns, the crowd cheered.

Thank goodness for the stubborn attitude of Arnold and his neighbors and veteran friends. When the government comes in and begins to overstep their bounds, it's up to us, as citizens to make a stand.

h/t: KREM.com

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