The United States has typically held a close-knit relationship with our armed forces. General George Washington was elected the first President of the United States after proving his valor during the Revolutionary War and current presidents also hold the title of Commander in Chief.

That close relationship, however, means that many candidates seeking political office falsely claim a closer connection with the military than they really have. This tendency was made even more apparent when a Democratic candidate for a seat in the Virginia Senate lied about his military service.

Gary McCollum, the candidate, professed to have been an Army Ranger when he was actively serving in the military. That fact checks out and no one has denied it. However, McCollum also has claimed to currently be serving in a leadership capacity in the United States Army Reserves, something that one reporter found out was an outright lie.

McCollum, a reporter from WAVY found out, completed his military service and was released as of September 2001. He is not in the Army reserves, he is not actively serving in a leadership role.

When the reporter confronted McCollum, the Democrat denied the reporter's sleuthing and said that no, he was still a member of the Army Reserves and that "the issue for me is all about leadership."

That leadership took a major blow when McCollum's campaign later admitted that he had lied about serving in the Army Reserves, something that the Army Reserve Command verified.

While this story is sad, unfortunately it shows the dishonest side of politics. In campaigns and races where everything is about image and how a candidate connects and presents himself or herself to voters, claiming military service may give candidates an extra leg up on the competition.

It's sickening to see someone claim to have a connection with the brave men and women who sacrifice and put their lives on the line for America. Let's make sure people like this can't be elected.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

Photo: Pilot Online



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