For all the media narrative being spun that Black Lives Matter is a peaceful protest group that simply wants to instigate change, the facts show a very different story. Unfortunately, it's only small news outlets like U.S. Herald that are willing to tell those facts and give you the real story behind the BLM movement.

Take, for instance, the recent slew of graffiti and vandalism that's been happening in the Danville, South Carolina region. Small, local churches are being spray-painted by BLM activists with slogans and words.

How do we know that these graffiti acts of vandalism are being carried out by BLM? Well it certainly helps when the graffiti authors sign the work with "BLM," as they did on the front of the Christ the King Lutheran Church in Danville.

Other instances of vandalism featured the words "black power," and one listed the names "Freddie, Trayvon, Michael" along with the words "the REAL martyrs."


Instead of throwing a fit, most church-goers simply got out scrub brushes and worked at scrubbing their houses of worship free from the vandalism, some of which local police have said was "obscene."


Incidents like the graffiti on the Christ the King Lutheran Church happened throughout the community and police are attempting to track down suspects.

While it's undoubtedly true that many BLM sympathizers and protesters are honest people who want change, more and more it appears that the group is simply made up of people who want to sow havoc and destruction. Vandalism, destroying property and interrupting regular, everyday life seem to be the first order of business for almost all BLM protesters.

If the BLM movement really wants to gain traction and support among all swaths of American society, they need to prove that they can reign in the crazies from their midst and stop harming innocent bystanders in their protestations.


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