Chuck Norris has become something of a sage when it comes to conservative wisdom. The actor and martial artist recently wrote another op-ed where he talked about the mainstream media's attempts to turn the Pope and his visit into a victory for the liberal left. As Norris points out, that's far from the case.

Norris begins by pointing to a slew of headlines from major news outlets that paint the Pope as a progressive liberal. And indeed, sometimes it seems that way with his messages on climate change, acceptance for LGBT persons, and his stance against capitalism.

However, Pope Francis also said some things that are perfectly in line with conservative values and principles. They aren't highlighted anywhere else so here you go.

Religious Freedom

The Pope spoke strongly for religious freedoms to continue to be unimpeded in America. He didn't pull any punches when directing his comments to President Obama as he said that Catholics in the United States "are . . . concerned that efforts to build a just and wisely ordered society respect their deepest concerns and their right to religious liberty. That freedom remains one of America’s most precious possessions."

Militant Islam

The Pope also denounced militant Islam for the horrendous tragedy that it is. "Our world is increasingly a place of violent conflict, hatred and brutal atrocities, committed even in the name of God and of religion," he said. Later, the Pope also spoke more directly about ISIS saying that only a short distance from the Vatican was one of the most dangerous terrorist groups on the planet.

Traditional Families

The Pope didn't mince words when he expressed his appreciation for families. "How essential the family has been to the building of this country! And how worthy it remains of our support and encouragement!" He did, however, say that families are under attack from many directions and that marriage "calls a man and a woman to love each other in the manner of God’s covenant."

Against Abortion

The Pope didn't explicitly mention abortion, but he came very close. In a speech given to the U.S. Congress he said, "“Defend human life at every stage," and "You are asked to protect, by means of the law, the image and likeness fashioned by God on every human face.” That's close enough for me.

While many liberals may try to position the Pope as a progressive liberal, there is still a lot of religious conservatism in his messages.

h/t: WND

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