The actor Chuck Norris is an extreme patriot. He cares very deeply for this country and he makes it very well known.

He is conservative, and unlike many in the movie making industry he is well-respected. Right now he is issuing a call to all veterans and in doing so to all patriotic American.

Many of our veterans are suffering the trauma that is Post Traumatic Street Disorder, commonly known as PTSD.

This is not joke, and it is not a manufactured psychosomatic illness. This comes with anxiety, depression and utter exhaustion. At is most horrific it can lead to suicide and worse.

Chuck Norris recognizes this and he believes that our four-legged friends can help, particularly man’s best friend, the dog.

In a recent article, he even refers to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who say that putting oneself out there to take care of another, like a pet can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and loneliness.

Let’s face it, there is something incredibly uplifting when your dog meets you at the door, particularly after a rough day.

Puppies Assisting Wounded Service members in a great service. They match veterans with four-legged buddies.  Norris’ impact in promoting this concept has led Representative Ron DeSantis (R-FL) to promote a bill that would promote this action.

Americans, veterans and non-veterans alike should be very grateful for Mr. Norris’ and his dedication to taking care of the heroes among us. Now all we need is Washington to listen and follow suit.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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