Chuck Norris is more than an action movie hero. He is an outspoken conservative, and has never been one to mince words when it comes to his patriotism for America.

Recently, he addressed the sham that is the Iran Nuke Deal and took our dear leader to task for flat-out lying to the American people.

  1. So, President Obama has had to make some “tough calls” when it comes to what is good for America, but the Iran deal was not a tough call?

Sorry, Barry, but that is not true and Norris can point of why; because 200 members of our top military brass, who happen to be professionals in the art of military defense, say it endangers America.

  1. Obama claims that his deal with Iran is so good, that all the nations in the world that matter, Israel not being one of those that matters, support it.

Um…no, that is not exactly how it is. Obama has caused a lot of angst in the Middle East, and not just with Israel, who does matter.

In fact, “A lot of Gulf countries feel they are being thrown under the bus”, say Mishaael al-Gergawi (Managing Director, Delma Institute in Abu Dhabi). They are, and just like the Americans.

  1. Wasn’t the International Atomic Energy agency (IAEA) supposed to perform the inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities?

That is what the Americans were told. Yeah, well, that is a bit of an over-reach on Obama’s part. There is this little clause about having to give Iran notice. 24 days’ notice! He also forgot to mention that Iran gets to inspect itself.

This is just the beginning for Norris. He has three more he will discuss shortly.

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