Aside from being the standard-bearer of an entire type of joke named after him, Chuck Norris is also incredibly politically savvy, having interpreted the signs to expose President Barack Obama's plans to give Democrats a leg up in the 2016 election.

Norris, who is well known for his roles as a martial arts master in action films, also pens a column at WND News. In that column, Norris highlighted three steps that President Obama is taking to help Democrats now that he is no longer eligible to run.

Firstly, Norris cites a letter that was sent to approximately 9 million immigrant residents holding green cards that helped encourage them to seek citizenship before the 2016 election. While it's possible that the White House is simply concerned for residents to express their viewpoints at the voting polls, what's more likely is the desire for Democrats to gain a boost in their electorate.

Which leads into Norris's second point. He highlights the change in policy by the people in charge of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) as evidence that Obama is seeking to change the size of the Democratic base. Apparently there are loopholes through which illegal immigrants who have been granted DACA status can apply for citizenship, something Obama said the DACA plan wasn't supposed to do.

The third point is the most recent and most disturbing. Under a new program titled "Strengthening Communities by Welcoming All Residents" Obama is allowing the importation of almost half a million refugees from around the world, including many Muslims. While it's too soon to say if this program will have an effect by bringing more left-minded voters into the country, it is making clear that Obama wants to change the makeup of America.

Get your hands out of the 2016 pot, President Obama, and let America choose a new president for herself.

h/t: Political Insider

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