While Christians are not being beheaded or crucified in America, we are being attacked and bombarded with accusations of discrimination for our respective beliefs when it comes abortion, hetero-sexual marriage, the hook-up culture, and being accused of racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, and whatever other phobia you can come up with.

This does not even include the political pressures and the discriminatory war being waged on Christians when it comes to our government, which includes plenty of Christians in the camp of “don’t care” and appeasement, and the denying and attempting to disregard the Judeo-Christian belief system that this country was founded on.

You see this in the removal of the 10 Commandments from public places, those folks who want “In God we Trust” removed from our money, those that refuse to say “One nation under God” when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, or taking to the extreme and putting Christian business owners out of business for not endorsing lifestyles they fundamentally and spiritually cannot support, ordering businesses to provide contraception to their employees, parking Satanic statues in public areas, and trying to remove any sign of Christmas from public places, and you can go on and on with evidence in this regard.

In an article written by John Horvat II, he discusses how the decadence of American culture,

“…has facilitated a culture of death by supporting abortion laws and other modern evils. Today’s wired neo-barbarians in their turn have departed from Christian norms and adopted aggressive attitudes and lifestyles that threaten our own, which can be especially seen from the constant attacks on the traditional family.”

In response, many Christians are simply taking the path whereby they,

“…admit defeat and strategically retreat into close-knit communities in which they might intensify their Christian Faith.”

In example, Horvat II refers to St. Benedict who attempted to do this very thing, but,

“…could not isolate himself from the decadent culture, which would not leave him alone”, and he “he , did not admit defeat.

He went on to establish the Benedictine monasteries and they all suffered the onslaught of a culture that was barbaric. In this, Horvat II is saying that Christians need to be like Benedict and quite hiding behind the veil. We need to put ourselves out there and recognize that we cannot escape the persecution, but we should reach out to those who attack us for,

“It is in the clash of the cultures that we can expect the conversion of many of them and the strengthening of our own Faith.”

Source: CNS News


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