We thought that as Obama's presidency fizzled out so would the damage that he did to this country, but we should have known better. Instead of passively sitting back and watching whatever happens to this country happen as he drifts into nothingness, he has decided to thrash about in a last-ditch effort to try to create his 'legacy' by any means necessary. Like a kid, desperate for attention, Obama has tried to create as much chaos and cause as much damage as he can just before he is ousted from the White House once and for all.

With nothing left to lose, Barack Hussein Obama has shown where his real loyalties lie and has decided to backstab America and our allies in favor of the Muslims everywhere across the globe.

To make his latest sickening move against the Judaeo-Christian world Obama chose to take the time when everyone is celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah to unleash a full on assault against them and show that his true loyalties lie with Islam.

Many remember the epic tragedy from 2015 when the Islamic State was on their rise to power when they committed a shocking massacre that was felt around the globe.

After thousands of Christian Yizidis tried to flee to the mountains, many found themselves trapped on Mount Sinjar, completely surrounded. The men, women, and children were trapped on the mountain without food or water and just awaited their fate, which came from ISIS in the form of slaughter or slavery.

All the U.S. had to do to help these trapped Christians would have been to send a couple of helicopters and evacuated the helpless Yizidis. Obama didn't seem to care enough to help these soon to be victims of gruesome fates because it would seem Christians just aren't worth saving.

On the other hand if Muslims fleeing Syria, many of whom are in fact undercover ISIS militants desire refuge, Obama is the first one to open the borders and let thousands of Muslims poor into our country, with often time devastating consequences for the American people who Obama is supposed to be protecting.

If that in and of itself doesn't show you exactly what side Obama is really on, then his actions over Christmas will surely drive it home for you.

Obama has been on the warpath trying to hand over Israel's holiest sites of Christendom and Judaism to the Islamic groups vying for them in a daily battle, ever since he took office. In 2013, Obama failed to give away Israel's sovereignty to Palestine, but over this past Christmas he finally accomplished his mission.

Obama chose to side with the extremely anti-Israel United Nations and signed away the holiest and most historic sites to the hands of extremist Islamist groups.

"Barack Obama refused to veto a Security Council resolution condemning settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. This resolution effectively turns over the Old City to Palestinian groups," The Gateway Pundit reported. "The Palestinians are led by Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Fatah Islamists in the West Bank. Obama thought this was a good move."

Two of the most notable holly sites, now completely under radical Muslim control include Jesus Christ's tomb, and Via Dolorosa, where Jesus walked on his way to the crucifixion.

To see the damage done to America by Obama in the past 8 years is maddening, but when you see the damage that he just did to Israel and the entire Judeo-Christian world it's downright sickening. We always knew Obama was more than a little sympathetic to the radical Muslims of the world but we never knew the extent. Let's just thank the lord that we only have a few more days left with him, or who knows what his next move would have been.

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Source: Breitbart


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