It seems that a week doesn’t go by without another atrocity being committed against Christians, this time a new wave of persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists, and human rights groups fear the situation could be on the brink of exploding.

And as usual not a harsh word of condemnation from the leader of the free world, or even an acknowledgment that those being persecuted are in fact Christian, time and again we’ve witnessed on atrocity after another committed by radical Islamic extremists against a minority population of Christians, all across the Middle East, and into North Africa, and while the president may reference the tragic incident, he seldom identifies the victims as “Christian” or the twisted radical ideology that commit those atrocities, and seems at times to be in a constant state of denial.

The overthrow of several secular Arab governments and an upsurge in Islamist extremism through terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, have all contributed to the ongoing atrocities, and while the attacks on Egypt’s Christian community are not on the scale of persecution unleashed in Syria by Islamist extremists on Coptic Christians, who are mostly descendants of the people whose Pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt before the 7th century – say they face renewed isolation in the country.

“We are the weaker element in society, so if anything happens, we will be the first victims,” says Mina Thabet, a Coptic activist and researcher at the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms.

And while Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has taken steps to protect Coptic Christians amid his calls for national unity, many of the latest incidents have occurred in Minya Governorate of Upper Egypt, about 150 miles south of Cairo. Mina Thabet continued: “You are a target for extremists when no one is supporting you,” he added in a reference to the “often-sluggish” protection the Christian community says it gets from the police.

One thing however is for certain, history will always repeat itself, in that there will always be barbarians committing unthinkable acts of genocide…if allowed.

h/t: Fox News

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