In the United States, we are fortunate in that we don’t have to check our First Amendment at our employer’s door. For now.

Truthfully the line between the First Amendment and tyranny is getting a little fuzzy. If we don’t get our act together, there are many among us who will face the same fate that Victoria Wasteney, of East London, did.

Ms. Wasteney was approached by a fellow coworker in discussions regarding Wastney’s Christian faith. She and the female Muslim coworker, Enya Nawaz, struck up what appears to be long-standing cooperative discussions regarding their respective faiths.

Nawaz queried Wasteney about her Christian practices, they discussed her local church’s fight again human trafficking, and Nawaz readily accepted the prayer on behalf of Wasteney.

Sounds tolerant and peaceful, right?  Wrong. Wastney made the mistake of giving Nawaz a book, “I Dared to Call Him Father. The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Woman’s Encounter with God,” based on the direction and tone of their conversations.

All of a sudden Wasteney was accused of harassing Nawaz, terrorizing her in fact. Wasteney lost her job. Even though her employer, the NHS (a health organization), found no evidence to support the harassment and terror claims, they terminated her via a 9-month (so far) suspension.

Interestingly, Wasteney pointed out that, “Previously, A Christian worship service that I set up for patients was closed down, but accommodation for Muslims to practice their faith wholly facilitated and encouraged.”

She appealed the suspension based on the encouragement of a judge who said the NHS may have violated the European Convention on Human Rights (freedom of speech and religion). She lost her appeal, because a different judge, Eady QC, said that her employer was right to terminate her for discussing religion with Nawaz.

Apparently, there was nothing wrong with Nawaz discussing her religion with Wasteney. Also, the NHS had not discriminated against her or her faith in shutting down the Christian service while facilitating the Muslim service.

Don’t laugh, don’t roll your eyes, don’t give this a passing “whatever,” and don’t think this won’t happen here. It already is, in our school systems, in their lunch rooms, in Hamtramck, Michigan, in our prisons, and it won’t be long before it is happening in our workplaces. Perhaps it already is.

Source: Mad World News


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