The United Nations is trying to figure out how best to bring “war crimes” charges against the nation of Israel for defending themselves against the incessant terrorist attacks upon them by Palestinians.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, that being Tripoli, Libya, the “peaceful” and “moderate” Muslims invaded the home of a Christian Filipino nurse, kidnapped her and spent hours gang-raping her in their nation’s capital.

This following on the heels of these same sub-humans beheading a Christian construction worker.

While the rest of the free-world is screaming for these Islamo-demon-spawn to be eradicated from the planet, the UN and our President Holier-than-thou-Obama, are telling the sane people of the globe that they are Islamophobic.

No, you merciless weasels, we are no Islamophobic. We are Islamo-aware, and you are anti-everything-not-Islam.

You are so utterly afraid of these spawns of Satan that you are quaking in your shoes, trying to find ways to blame everyone else for the horrors these creatures are waging on the world.

You throw Christians under the bus, blame Israel for self-defense, and stand there twiddling your thumbs coming up with new and innovative ways to blame others for the terrorists’ evil.

The Filipino government has it right. They are bring all 13,000 of their people home, because they care about them. The rest of us…we are just your sacrificial lambs, worth no more to you than this nurse, the construction worker, our own people, and Christians everywhere, who have been beheaded, dismembered, set on fire, crucified, or sitting in a prison in Iran.

We mean nothing to you, and for some reason Islam means everything. We shudder to consider why this is.

Source: Mad World News


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