Kim Davis has become a pariah among her fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow Democrats. Ms. Davis was jailed for holding to her religious beliefs that do not allow her to compromise on her principles regarding homosexual marriage.

As Tennessee’s, Rowan County Clerk, this meant Ms. Davis would not, and did not, issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples.

While she is the proverbial “scourge of society” as far as the liberal left is concerned, the Constitution of the state of Tennessee allows her to do just what she did;

“No human authority, shall in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience.”

There you have it. She has committed no crime and she does not belong in jail. The judge who put her there appears to not be aware of the state’s Constitutional document, or he does not care.

Federal law does not supersede state law. Nor, has homosexual marriage been legalized in the state. That is not for a judge to decide. Unless our country is now legislating from the judicial bench.

Many are tearing into Ms. Davis’ past and call her a hypocrite. The Christians have been among the most surprising. Aren’t Christians supposed to welcome sinners into their flock? Church is a hospital for sinners, not a “castle” for saints.

Regardless of her past, or how one feels about homosexual marriage, whether she could have had her deputies issue the marriage certificates (had her name been allowed to be removed from the official document, which so far is not the case), or whether she could have resigned, and regardless of her religious beliefs, she has not violated any law and should never have been arrested.

Whether you agree with her or not, she is a warning to us all as to how our thoughts and beliefs are being policed.



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