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Whoever coined the phrase “the weaker sex” certainly didn't have these female warriors in mind, in fact these Christian female fighters are referenced as a “protection force” and stand between the two rivers known as the Tigris and Euphrates and are taking a stand against the terrorist group ISIS,  and number about 50, and consist of mothers, daughters and friends.

The waterways historically inhabited by Syriacs, is teeming with women eager to prove their worth against ISIS.

Syriac Christians belong to the eastern Christian tradition and pray in Aramaic.

They include both Orthodox and Catholic branches, and constitute around 15 percent of Syria’s 1.2 million Christians

Babylonia a 36-year-old and dressed in fatigues is from the Syriac Christian minority in the northeast believes she is making the future safe for her children.

“I miss Limar and Gabriella and worry that they must be hungry, thirsty and cold. But I try to tell them I’m fighting to protect their future,” she told AFP.


Babylonia belongs to a small, recently created battalion of Syriac Christian women in Hasakeh province who are fighting ISIS.

She is following in the footsteps of Syria’s other main female force battling the jihadists — the women of the YPJ, the female counterpart to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units or YPG.

For those in America that discount a holy war is taking place around the world, simply look no further than these female Christian warriors.

Source: Times Of Israel


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