Shortly after the House Select Committee on Benghazi released its official report exposing the shocking details surrounding the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks and the ensuing cover-up by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, committee chair Trey Gowdy revealed something that the world should know about Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Gowdy was asked by a reporter if he was able to "get into" the mind of Chris Stevens during his investigation. The answer that Gowdy gave described just how much of a true hero Stevens really was.

Gowdy began his answer by making very clear that Stevens loved the people of Libya, and especially the people of Benghazi.

He then reiterated how heroic Stevens' actions were to enter into Libya as an envoy, and that this fact and its significance should not be lost on anyone. Stevens displayed incredible bravery and valor in showing his dedication to the American people and he should be remembered for such.

Gowdy said Stevens had no idea about the state of security in Libya when he arrived. Gowdy then implored the reporter and everyone to read an email that Stevens sent to a British diplomat along with one of Stevens' diary entries.

The representative who headed the Benghazi investigation explained that the situation in Benghazi had become so bad that the only thing that Stevens was concerned with at the time was security.

Gowdy revealed Stevens as a man who loved his country and was able to put the lives of others before his own, a man with true bravery and valor.

The part about Stevens' state of mind comes near the 44:00 mark in the video below.

Stevens is a man who was willing to give his life trying to protect the freedom for others that our country stands for and he should be remembered for his heroism.


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