Every time we turn around and read a story about China, there seems to be a headline pertaining to the oppression and discrimination of the Uighurs, a Muslim minority group, in the far flung western part of China. Poor, poor Uighur people! Those peaceful Muslim folk you know. All they want to do is live in peace and practice their faith.

Well, and no surprise here, over a 200 of them decided set course to join the Jihad of the ideological ISIS in Syria, a little more than a year ago. More than 100 hailed from China, and the rest from Turkey, or so it would seem.

When is this madness of the world ignoring the atrocities of what these animals are capable of going to end? What type of people willfully volunteer to partake in the raping and murdering of women, men, and children? Who beheads, crucifies, rips out and eats the organs of their enemies, drowns people in cages, light people on fire? Spawn of hell, that’s who.

Thailand took a step few, besides Australia of late appear to be taking. They kicked 109 of them out. They turned their Jihadi butts around and gave them the boot back to China. Not only that, but they also deported an additional 173 to Turkey, presumably because they were from there. Although why and how they ended up in Thailand is a bit baffling, unless they had nefarious plans there. The Jihadis just keep coming though. More showed up Saturday, but Thailand authorities promise to deport them as well.

Get this! The United Nations and the European Union got all up in the face of Thailand for deporting these terrorists. Thailand is committing a human rights violation for sending these murderous poor excuses for human beings back to where they came from. Huh? What did they expect Thailand to do? Welcome them, keep them, feed them, paint targets on the backs of the citizens of their own country?

This makes absolutely no logical sense. Then again it is the United Nations and European Union we are talking about here.

Note* The video contains no audio, as there was no translation available.




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