“POLITICALLY CORRECT BE DAMNED”…seems to be the overall message the Chinese Government is sending out when it comes to appeasing Islam.

And perhaps it’s a message that the rest of the world should begin paying attention too, in that there’s apparently no room for doubt in China when it comes to declaring Islam inherently dangerous.

And the Chinese Government should know a thing or two, about oppressive governments and when it comes to controlling the masses. And that’s perhaps the fundamental difference between totalitarian governments such as China and Russia in that there is no hesitation no ambiguity in identifying and controlling your enemy, as compared to the confusion and politically correct pitfalls of a free and open society.

Isn’t it ironic that an oppressive, communist country sees what free nations don’t: that, ultimately, Islam always turns nasty? It’s presence in a society always ends badly for everyone except for its radical adherents. Imagine for a moment Muslims attempting to set up “No-Go Zones” in Beijing. It would be impossible!

And while Islam claims to be a religion, in truth it’s also a destructive political ideology, a 2,000 year old cult that masquerades itself as a peaceful religion, and the Chinese understand all to well that infusion of religion and ideology, they themselves have become masters of that deception.

So what is China doing? It’s declaring an all-out war to make sure Islam doesn’t take over, and never gains the strength to attack them.  Here are China’s directives:

  1. Female head-coverings are banned.
  2. Men are discouraged from growing long beards
  3. Islamic restaurants must sell cigarettes and drinks “and” they must display them prominently. Any business owner, who does not follow this order, will lose their business “period”.

China is unique in that while it has embraced the concept of free trade and the economic workings of “capitalism, it still maintains total control over its people which gives them a keener understanding of “Islam”. Simply put this “wolf” recognizes another “wolf” regardless of the sheep’s clothing.

h/t: TPNN

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