China is not in the business of tolerance. We have seen that the world over, from the troubles with Hong Kong to their family size policies. Add Muslims, and the Islamic Sharia Law to the list. China is also not above using a powerful tool to bring people into conformance--humiliation.

To set the stage, think high school drill team during a football game half-time show. Add singing to the mix and you have the makings of a masterpiece.

Xinjiang-China. First, China outlawed the Muslim practice of beard-wearing by men, and burqa-wearing by the women. Then they executed some Uighurs. While pretty intense, the message has clearly not getting through. So, China got creative.

Picture a bunch of Imams parading and dancing around in matching dress singing the words to this song;

“…our income comes from the CKP (Chinese Communist Party) not from Allah.”

They also had to tell their children that prayer was harmful to the soul and that they would not teach their children religion. That last part is a bit much, but then again China is not known for tolerating religion of any kind, so Islam is and should be no different.

Sadly, over here in America, our President is making the rest of us non-Muslims, non Islamists, non-Sharia Law endorsing people, to do the dancing and the singing to the tune of appeasement and tolerance to our detriment. That little show needs the curtain closed-quickly.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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