Of all the other countries in the world, China is the country most likely to emerge in a head-to-head race against the United States to secure the position of global superpower. With its economy still growing, China has taken to making territorial expansion missions in the South China Sea, something that the United States has taken issue with.

Under the direction of U.S. defense officials, the USS Lassen, a Navy missile destroyer, sailed in waters that the Chinese government has said belong to China, something that the United States has denied.

According to officials, the USS Lassen's mission was the first of several that will be conducted by U.S. Navy vessels in response to China's dredging projects in the South China Sea.

Despite its name, the South China Sea has long been considered a contested body of water, with many surrounding countries including China and the Philippines declaring ownership of the waters.

China's ownership claims took a serious turn, however, when last year it began intensive dredging projects to build man-made islands on several submerged reefs in the area. Those reefs include Mischief Reef and Subi Reef, and the U.S. Navy is continuing to plan further maneuvers in the area similar to those of the USS Lassen.

China, for its part, has said that it cannot allow continued invasion of its national waters and that they will respond with force if increased invasions occur. The United States, thank goodness, is calling China's bet and navigating in the waters as if nothing has changed.

It's refreshing to see the United States military take a stand against an international bully like China. The move to create islands out of reefs in international waters and then to claim those islands is juvenile. China needs to be taught a lesson, hopefully only a peaceful one, that it cannot simply do as it pleases with regards to international affairs.

h/t: Vice News

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