Being politically correct isn’t something China worries about, nor is the government timid when it comes to controlling Islamic immigration within their country. And although Muslims are allowed to pray, fast and go to the mosques, there are restrictions imposed on the spread of Islam especially in terms of spreading Islamic doctrine among non-Muslims, which China takes very serious.

However despite the limited resources and China’s no nonsense approach there’s still some flexibility within those Muslim communities to gather and pray.

However in recent years China has begun to clamp down within those neighborhoods that have given rise to political unrest, and if anything political unrest is something China is extremely well versed at controlling, by instantly putting a ban on the practice of Islam within the troubled zone, and lifting it accordingly, and telling Muslims that if they want to fast on Ramadan, that’s fine, but if they want to push their revolutionary doctrine or become troublesome, then a Ramadan-ban is added as a bonus punishment.

And to that end China has added several new bonus punishments within those troubled areas banning all Muslim civil servants, students and Muslim teachers  especially in the Xinjiang province with a large Muslim population in the northwest, from fasting during Ramadan.

In addition, during Ramadan, China has ordered all restaurants to stay open in troubled areas posting on their state websites: "Food service workplaces will operate normal hours during Ramadan," and unlike the United States and Europe which accords immigrant Muslims both legal and illegal countless welfare benefits and almost equal status to that of their citizens.

If anything the recent terrorist attacks in France should have awakened the politicians to rethink their policy of appeasement and perhaps gain control of their country once again, and hopefully put an end to this bizarre concept called “No-Go-Zones” where Muslims rule themselves by Islamic religious law, not the laws of their host country China by contrast views it’s Muslims immigrants as subservient and a group that needs to be constantly monitored.




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