So let’s see if “we” have this straight. We now have an author, to be more precise a “children’s author” a guy who makes a living writing inspirational and whimsical little tales regarding the antics of children, now taking to Twitter and mocking an 11-year old child, because that child suddenly saw an image of his father flashed on TV, his face soaked in blood, and oh yes “beheaded.”

The obvious irony is simply staggering, and perhaps even more incredulous this guy has two children of his own. Ken Jennings is the author in question and apparently after his outburst on Twitter towards young Barron Trump, and the overwhelming feedback he’s receiving to his insensitive post, perhaps a new line of work might be in order.

The apparent meltdown by this loony leftist began after it was reported that young Barron was emotionally traumatized by the imagery appearing on TV of unsmiling comedienne Kathy Gifford holding a likeness of President Trumps severed blood stained face.

His post read; “Barron Trump saw a very long necktie on a heap of expired deli meat in a dumpster. He thought it was his dad & his little heart is breaking.” Which immediately drew “incoming fire” towards Jennings.

Moreover as expected the avalanche of criticism is now even directed towards Jenning’s publisher Simon and Schuster, demanding that the publishing giant cut their ties with the author.

Here are a few of the posts that Jennings has those far received from the irate public; “It takes a big tough guy to mock a child”... “A real genius doesn’t make fun of a child, pathetic.”… “For such a smart man you certainly were quick to ruin your writing career. Maybe you and Kathy Griffin can go on an apology tour.”… “You are truly a pile of human excrement ... your publisher should be ashamed.”

Even Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter posting: “It takes a real man to pick on an 11-year-old. Yet another low from the left, but they will rationalize this away with their usual excuses.”

Jennings struck out again with his reply to Trump's tweet:

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