The strategy of ISIS is now apparent. Their goal is to create as much mistrust, violence and terror as absolutely possible. The recent suicide bombing of a wedding party is evidence of their terrible motivation.

While the 51 Turkish Kurds who were killed by a recent suicide bombing need to be mourned, the greater tragedy is the method which ISIS used to wreak this havoc. Instead of sending grown men or women to do their dirty work, ISIS is now using children as suicide bombers.

The suicide bomber in question was between 12 and 14 years old and infiltrated the wedding party because the wedding was a member of the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party, and ISIS hates the Kurds.

Besides the 51 people who were killed, an additional 69 were injured in the blast, including the groom of the wedding. The bride, thankfully, was unhurt.

The bomber knew that it was a wedding party, because he or she waited until the families were gathered together for the traditional henna painting ceremony. It was then that the bomb went off, sending blood and destruction to fill the wake of celebration that had been occurring moments before.

This isn't the first ISIS attack to specifically target members of the Kurdish ethnic group. Reuters, who reported on the story, suggests that ISIS is specifically targeting Kurds in order to destabilize Turkey and cause as much tension as possible. Last year one of the deadly ISIS suicide bombings claimed the lives of over 100 people.

This is absolutely despicable and it makes you wonder, again, what the U.S. and President Obama are doing to confront ISIS. When will we put our foot down and put a stop to all this killing and all this death? ISIS needs to be eradicated and we need a president in the White House who is willing to do what it takes to get it done.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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